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The Clinton calendar

David Brooks, The New York Times, SEP 23, 2016


accessed Sep 24, 2016


  •  $145 million has been spent on pro-Clinton TV and radio ads while only $4 million has been spent on pro-Trump ads.
  • Trump is within two or three points of Clinton nationally and leading in a bunch of the key swing states. In Ohio by five. In Iowa by six. In Florida by one.
  • Democrats and the non-college educated whites flocking to the G.O.P. Democrats do great in America’s 100 most crowded counties, but they struggle in the 3,000 less crowded ones.

 20160924 The Clinton calender  

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The best news you don't know

Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times, SEP 22, 2016


accessed Sep 23, 2016


  • The number of people living in extreme poverty ($1.90 per person per day) has tumbled by half in two decades, and the number of small children dying has dropped by a similar proportion.
  • As recently as 1981, when I was finishing college, 44 percent of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty, according to the World Bank. Now the share is believed to be less than 10 percent and falling.
  •  Until the 1960s, a majority of adults were illiterate. Now 85 percent of adults worldwide are literate.
  • Internationally, inequality is on the decline because of gains by the poor in places like China and India.
  • As girls are educated and contraception becomes available, birthrates tumble — just as they did in the West. Indian women now average just 2.4 births.

 20160923 The best news you dont know  

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A future haunted by ghosts of the past

SEWELL CHAN, The New York Times, SEP 22, 2016


  accessed Sep 23, 2016


  • 第四屆世界民主會議在雅典召開,結論是民主政治陷入險境。
  • 會議本來要慶祝民主,卻變成焦慮的烤問」。
  • 匈牙利總理Victor Orban 2014年再度當選,擁抱“非自由式民主”(illiberal democracy)限制人民權利和自由。
  • 其他類似民選政府限制人民自由包括土耳其、波蘭、俄羅斯等。
  • 商業威脅民主有3方面:




 20160923 A future haunted by ghosts of the past OK

 20160923 Future haunted by past  

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Advice of a Spiritual Teacher DipaMa


  • This is the advice from a spiritual teacher who was born in a poor family and eventually rose to great spiritual height. You can access the six points she stressed and her life story on wikipedia through the links provided below. It is interesting that she had a habit of wishing others well which included praying for /blessing cars and airplanes. She emphasized "mindfulness" which to me is similar to the advice of "living in the present".

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大陸強 台灣慘?否


2016/09/19 聯合報


  • 以下是聯合報兩岸關係年度調查寄給我看過之後作訪問,文字經我看過後之修正稿全文(2016.9.16)。這些淺見並未完全見諸2016.9.19聯合報。


   accessed September 19, 2016

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Future Surprises That Could Shock the World

The International Economy, Summer 2016


  • In July, the founder/editor/publisher of International Economy asked me to contribute a piece of 200-300 words addressing the question What Will Be Tomorrow’s Surprises? Here is my attempted answer “China Will Be Highly Religious” along with the other fifty some views around the world.

Chong-Pin Lin

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2016/08/10 公共電視


   accessed August 10, 2016


  • 這是公視7/25 所錄與十位大學青年的一小時對話。內容包括氣候異常、南海對抗、個人學習成長等。



林中斌 2016.8.12

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2016/09/14 聯合報

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Hinkley Point C nuclear power station gets government green light

ROWENA MASON & SIMON GOODLEY, The Guardian, Sep 15, 2016


accessed September 16, 2016


  • British prime minister Theresa May is going through her learning curve on China just as her German counterpart Angela Meriel did from September 2007 when she offended Beijing by receiving Dalai Lama , to January 2008 when she made it up quietly with China.

Chong-Pin Lin September 16, 2016

  • 英國首相正在走過她對北京的學習曲線。

林中斌 2016.9.16 

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習近平悄悄做了一件事 暗示中國要〝變天〞

2016/09/09 新唐人


   accessed September 12, 2016


  • 2013年2月紐約鏡報的何頻來告訴我:根據習旁邊人說,習頭5年搞"吏治",下5年搞民主。我問:不是"社會主義民主?中國特色民主?" 他說:就是民主。

林中斌 2-16.9.12


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Film Review: ‘A Man Called Ove’

ALLISA SIMON, Variety, March 8, 2016


accessed September 11, 2016


  • A film at the same time funny and touching, it actually is philosophical and perhaps even a tad sad under the surface of entertainment. Highly recommended. This award-winning Swedish film has been entered to the best foreign film contest in the 2017 Oscar. It makes the audience alternately laugh and weep. At a deeper level, the story reminds us that in this world all dear ones will part sooner or later, and nothing is permanent. That, of course, is the one of the basic teaching in Buddhism.
  • 中文 叫作 "明天別再來敲門"。很值得一看。

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  • 多謝攝影師蕭芃凱提供。


You said it. I didn't say it.



Whatever it turns out to be, good or bad. We ourselves did the choosing. Whom else can we blame but ourselves?



Did you really wish to know?


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2016/09/09 信傳媒 張瀞文


   accessed September 9, 2016


  • 訪問是8月24日。16天後才整理發表。嚴格的講,"蔡總統不喜歡做決定"不是我說的,那是記者問的。當然,我並沒駁斥她,而繼續提出淺見。

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2016/09/02 自由亞洲電台 夏小華


   accessed September 3, 2016


  • 並無真知爍見 ,只是陳述基本狀況。尚請不佞賜教。

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