A Tale of Two Elizabeth Warrens

accessed March 25, 2019

-- Elizabeth Warren has two sides, a socialist reformer and a capitalist; a high-brow intellectual who reads two books a week and an earthy Okie who talks like a Trump supporter.

華倫(Elizabeth Warren)擁有著不同的面向:她是個社會主義改革者,也是個資本主義者;一位一週讀兩本書的知識分子,同時又能像川普的支持者般用鄉土通俗的語言談論。
-- She is tactful in answering controversial/sensitive questions. Talking to the big-tech employees, she was asked "Why do you want to break up the tech giants?" "Because it will be a lot more fun to work there".

-- She is extremely funny in a tasteful way.

-- She may well be the first American woman president.

I wrote about that in 2015 and believe so even more today.

Chong-Pin Lin March 23, 2019



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