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汪毅夫軟調 民共對話轉機

2017/3/15 中國時報


accessed Mar 15, 2017

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accessed Feb 16, 2017

This is the speech delivered by Ambassador Kishore Mahbubani(馬凱碩) in 2015 at the JFK School of government, Harvard University.

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2017/02/09 經濟日報


accessed Feb 09, 2017

● 川普叫價階段結束。他及家人一向對中國的憧憬浮出台面。

● 這同時引動蔡英文對釣魚台表態大轉彎。

● 中美台進入新局。

● 蔡習會遲早來到。

林中斌 2017.2.7

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New poll shows Germans now trust US as much as they do Russia

Lara Rebello, International Business Times, FEB 4, 2017


accessed Feb 5, 2017


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How China rules the waves

James Kynge, Chris Campbell, Amy Kazmin and Farhan Bokhari, Financial Times, JAN 12, 2017


accessed Jan 26, 2017

  The extra-military dimensions of Beijing's "Belt Road Initiative". This is an in-depth and well-researched article. Highly recommended.

Chong-Pin Lin January 26, 2017


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2017/1/25 金融時報 


accessed Jan 26, 2017

● 一帶一路的超軍事手段。

林中斌 2017.1.26

The extra-military dimensions of the Road Belt Initiative.

Chong-Pin Lin January 26, 2017

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Trump’s Chinese Foreign Policy 

Roger Cohen, The New York Times, Dec 16, 2016


accessed Dec 17, 2016


●  Pax Americana is over. It had a good run. A Putin-Trump alliance at the service of the butcher Assad — combined with the undoing of the military alliances, trade pacts, political integration and legal framework of the postwar order — constitutes its death knell.


●  Trump’s plans are full of contradictions he hasn’t begun to address. He’s against the Iran nuclear deal although of course he’s never read it. But Putin is for it. Trump wants to eliminate the Islamic State. So does Russia, whose ally in Syria is Iran. Trump wants an America-first, business-driven policy. Boeing just signed a big deal with Iran.

● The United States will be agnostic on human rights, freedom and democracy.

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This Merciful Year 

Mark K. Shriver, The New York Times, Nov 24, 2016


accessed Nov 25, 2016


Pope Francis “i(I)n his book “The Name of God Is Mercy,” he described an episode from his time as a rector in Argentina. The parish church sometimes helped out a woman whose husband had left her, and who had turned to prostitution to feed her young children.“I remember one day — it was during the Christmas holidays — she came with her children to the College and asked for me. They called me and I went to greet her. She had come to thank me. I thought it was for the package of food from Caritas that we had sent to her. ‘Did you receive it?’ I asked. ‘Yes, yes, thank you for that, too. But I came here today to thank you because you never stopped calling me Señora.’ ”


“Life grows by being given away, and it weakens in isolation and comfort.”

“Enter the chaos and the pain and the joy of others’lives. Then you will be turely merciful, and truly alive.”

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Taipei Takes Wary View After Chat

The Wall Street Journal, DEC 5, 2016


 accessed Dec. 5, 2016

  • In the short term, said Lin Chong-pin, a former deputy defense minister, “Taiwan deserves to be happy about this.” Yet he too has reservations, arguing that Mr. Trump’s “America First” rhetoric casts doubt on the sincerity of his outreach to Taiwan. 

    “Will Taiwan help improve the U.S. domestically? Yes, by buying weapons,” he said. “Will the U.S. come to Taiwan’s rescue when the People’s Liberation Army attacks Taiwan? Of course not.”

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Air Force Not Able to Fly Enough Flights to Train Pilots

New York Times, NOV 29, 2016


accessed Nov. 29, 2016

  • Another report of compromised U.S. military readiness. Shortage of budget and manpower is the issue.
  • 又是一個美軍戰力下滑的挑戰。這次是空軍。

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Talks to heal Catholic rift in China gain momentum

New York Times, NOV 29, 2016


accessed Nov. 29, 2016

  • 中梵外交磨合仍在發展中。201612月西北Changzhi主教任命同時得北京及梵諦岡認可。

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Businesses could test presidential limits

New York Times, NOV 23, 2016


accessed Nov. 23, 2016

  • 川普的中國金主?「中國銀行」是川普大樓的住戶,也是川普一棟曼哈頓大樓的貸款者。

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川普是陸著名商標 10年前就註冊

2016/11/16 旺報



  • 川普在中國有78個有效商標。
  • 20164月川普在美國大選競選期間,仍不忘在大陸搶註商標,委任代理公司在廣告、房屋建築、教育、餐飲領域追加註冊商標。
  • 川普寫了50多本書。
  • 川普是唯一擁有專屬桌遊的總統。

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Two Religious Pillars Meet

 Kirsten Salyer, Times, Sept. 22, 2016


accessed Oct. 3, 2016

  • 達賴與Tutu主教對話
  1. 內心快樂的秘訣:勿想自己太多
  2. 快樂的八支柱
    • (看得長遠,謙虛,幽默,接收)
    • (寬恕,感恩,慈悲,慷慨)
  • Advice for finding inner joy. The secret? Not thinking too much about yourself.
  • And they outline eight pillars of joy, divided by mind (prospective, humility, humor, acceptance) and heart (forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, generosity).


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America’s Unseen Social Crisis: Men Without Work

 Nicholas Eberstadt, Times, Oct. 3, 2016


accessed Oct. 3, 2016


  • 作者是中斌在「美國企業研究院」的同事及好友。是他鼓勵我投稿到紐約時報“China: Nuclear Wild Card ”, The New York Times, July 27, 1988
  • 這篇點到美國社會問題之一:失業的男性,非常嚴重。
  • 美國國力稍退重要原因是社會失序,遠比經濟遲緩、軍費削減更值得注意

林中斌 2016.10.03

  • Eberstadt was my colleague at AEI who encouraged me to publish my first oped in the U.S


Chong-Pin Lin Oct .03 2016




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佛新生 嗑藥的比抽菸的多

聯合新聞網 2016/09/20


   accessed Oct 3, 2016





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England’s Forgotten Muslim History

Jerrt Brotton, New York Times, Sept. 17, 2016


accessed Sept 19, 2016

  • 這是一篇很有意義的歷史回顧。伊莉莎白一世因為要對抗歐陸法國,西班牙,與回教奧圖曼帝國交往,影響深遠,包括「東印度公司」的成立等等。



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8年來陸工資年增10.6% 全球第一



   accessed Oct 3, 2016




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Why It’s Safe to Scrap America’s ICBM

 William J. Perry, New York Times, Oct. 1, 2016


accessed Oct 3, 2016


  • 美前國防部部長裴利建議銷毀美國州際彈導飛彈,因為它們耗錢,危險,無必要

林中斌 Oct. 03. 2016

  • Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Dr. William Perry suggest that the U.S. should scrap its ICBMs as they are costly to maintain, dangerous and not necessary.

Chong-Pin Lin Oct. 03. 2016




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Rich province, poor province

 The Economist, Oct. 1, 2016


accessed Oct. 3, 2016


  • 中國各省收入不平等已改善很多,未來是「趨同」(convergence)或「趨異」(divergence)尚無定論
  • 內蒙古竟然如此富有,有如廣東、浙江、福建、山東。一個大意外。

林中斌 2016.10.03

































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