標題: China's Search for Stability With America.

作者: Wang Jisi, Foreign Affairs, 00157120, Sep/Oct2005, 84, 刊號 5


China's Search for Stability With America


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AFTER 9/11

THE UNITED STATES is currently the only country with the capacity and the ambition to exercise global primacy, and it will remain so for a long time to come. This means that the United States is the country that can exert the greatest strategic pressure on China. Although in recent years Beijing has refrained from identifying Washington as an adversary or criticizing its "hegemonism"--a pejorative Chinese code word for U.S. dominance--many Chinese still view the United States as a major threat to their nation's security and domestic stability.

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標題: China's New Diplomacy.
作者: Medeiros, Evan S., Fravel, M. Taylor, Foreign Affairs, 00157120, Nov/Dec2003, 82, 刊號


China's New Diplomacy



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THIS SUMMER, as the nuclear crisis in North Korea intensified, most eyes were focused on the adversaries in Washington and Pyongyang.

Less noticed, but no less important, was the role of a third player: Beijing. China, long reticent on matters of foreign policy, had boldly stepped into the fray, suspending crucial oil shipments to North Korea, sending high-level envoys to Pyongyang, and shifting troops around the Sino-Korean border. It was China that arranged the tripartite talks held in Beijing in April. And China has not let up the pressure since.


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標題: China Takes Off.

作者: Hale, David, Hughes Hale, Lyric, Foreign Affairs, 00157120, Nov/Dec2003, 82, 刊號 6




China Takes Off




FEW NATIONS have changed as fast--or as dramatically--as China has since the 1970s. The world's most populous nation has radically liberalized its economy and gone from producing low-quality and simple exports to sophisticated high-technology goods, while nurturing a vibrant private sector and attracting nearly $500 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI). The country has turned into a formidable exporting machine: China's total exports grew eightfold--to over $380 billion--between 1990 and 2003; and its exports in the electronics industry now account for 30 percent of Asia's total in that sector. China's share of global exports will reach 6 percent in 2003, compared to 3.9 percent in 2000. Last year, China accounted for 16 percent of the growth in the world economy, ranking second only to the United States.


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標題: The New New World Order.

作者: Drezner, Daniel W., Foreign Affairs, 00157120, Mar/Apr2007, 86, 刊號 2HTML 全文


The New New World Order


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THROUGHOUT THE twentieth century, the list of the world's great powers was predictably short: the United States, the Soviet Union, Japan, and northwestern Europe. The twenty-first century will be different. China and India are emerging as economic and political heavyweights: China holds over a trillion dollars in hard currency reserves, India's high-tech sector is growing by leaps and bounds, and both countries, already recognized nuclear powers, are developing blue-water navies. The National Intelligence Council, a U.S. government think tank, projects that by 2025, China and India will have the world's second- and fourth-largest economies, respectively. Such growth is opening the way for a multipolar era in world politics.

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黃引珊 不盈保泰

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林怡舟 孫吳比較 - 將相合

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